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  The population in Hyogo Prefecture is approximately 5,503,000, which is comparable to Denmark. The residents’ income amounts to about 16 trillion yen. This already shows how big the economy scale of Hyogo Prefecture is.
As you see well, how large scale Hyogo economics is, and the amount of savings per one household is considerably high. This means that Hyogo is very attractive market to develop. As a particularity of the market, it can easily be pointed that clothing expenses are considerably high. In large scale retail stores in Hyogo, about half of the total sales amount is occupied by garments. Among clothing, ladies’ and children’s are protruding in the component ratio of the sales amount. Kobe, noted as fashion city, also shows that the ratio is outstanding among largest cities in whole country. Besides, the particularity of population in Hyogo is that 60% of 5,500,000 are occupied by those ranging 15 to 64 years old, and the ratio of workable people is considerably high. The composition of population with such tendency makes up the vital market in Hyogo Prefecture.