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Natural Environment

While saying nothing about the advantageous business convenience we are sure that everyone will appreciate the comfortable living amenities found in Hyogo-Kobe.
Hyogo is located near the center of Japan with four distinct seasons and a mild climate and multifarious features to be discovered in every region. This comes from the diverse aspects of the area as it faces the Japan Sea in the north and the Pacific Ocean in the south via the Seto Inland Sea.
Over a long period of time the area had been nurtured with various types of historical/traditional resources and a venerable classic heritage as well as huge modern industrial constructions and extremely palatable ethnic and country dishes. It is said that the influx of western culture into Kobe formed the particularly individual and exotic atmosphere of the city.
Nowadays not only railways and an expressway network but also the Port of Kobe, a global leading port, facilitates business activities, while a total of 3 airports ― Itami, Kobe and Kansai ― fulfill the important role of domestic/global transportation for the area.