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Industrial Sites

Industrial Sites

Hyogo-Kobe boasts of being one of the most strategic locations for businesses in Japan. Many industrial sites in the prefecture have the advantage of being near to existing industrial concentration and large-scale consumer areas.

Below is the list of the major industrial sites. Please see the “Industrial Sites for Sale Esection for a full listing of industrial complexes.

Industrial Sites Available for Purchase or Rental

No.  Industrial Sites Location
1 Port Island(2ndStage) Kobe City
2 Kobe Techno-Logistic Park Kobe City
3 Kobe Airport Kobe City
4 Kobe Science Park Kobe City
5 Hyogo Phenix Project Site Amagasaki City
6 Nishinomiya-Najio New Town Nishinomiya City
7 New Sanda Industrial Park Sanda City
8 Hokusetsu-Sanda Daini Techno Park Sanda City
9 Hokusetsu-Sanda Woody Town Sanda City
10 Hyogo Tojo New Town Inter Park Katoh City
11 Ono City Ichiba Area Ono City(start from 2019 to sell in lot)
12 Harima Science Garden City Tatsuno City、Kamigori-cho、
13 Ako Iso Industrial Park Akoh City
14 Santo Industrial Park Asago City
15 Sasayama-Chuo District Sasayama City
16 Sannan Industrial Park Tanba City
17 Tsuna Shizuki Industrial Site Awaji City
18 Tsuna Ikuho Idustrial Site Awaji City
19 Tsuna Sano Industrial Site Awaji City
20 Yumebutai, Awaji-shi sasutinaburu park Awaji City
21 Minami-awaji Industrial Park Minami-awaji City

Issue in March,2016 Vol.20pdf
「Practical Application of Regenerative Medicine Using iPS Cells from Kobe」
「Kobe, home of flourishing life-science studies, is optimum for pharmaceutical research」
Issue in November,2015 Vol.19pdf
「Enhancing the Business Base and Promoting BCPs」
「One-Stop Service Supporting Domestic and Foreign Companies’ Expansion into Hyogo」
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