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6-Best:Major Projects

Office to rent and Laboratories

Plenty of offices for rent are stocked centering in Kobe city.

Hyogo-Kobe is an ideal business base, as it is located in Kansai, Japan's second largest area for business and trade.
Some of Kobe's major office zone includes Sannomiya, Motomachi, Harbor Land, HAT Kobe, Port Island and Rokko Island. All of them are located nearby to the center of the city and convenient access to Osaka.
Besides private rental offices, temporary offices, public offices supporting preparation for advancement of enterprises and incubation facilities supporting ventures are prepared.

Private rental offices

Plenty of offices for rent are stocked centering in Kobe city. In view of rental fee, the market prices in Sannomiya area, center part of Kobe City have become comparatively expensive, while Nishinomiya City and Amagasaki City near Osaka are attractive as well.

Issue in March,2016 Vol.20pdf
「Practical Application of Regenerative Medicine Using iPS Cells from Kobe」
「Kobe, home of flourishing life-science studies, is optimum for pharmaceutical research」
Issue in November,2015 Vol.19pdf
「Enhancing the Business Base and Promoting BCPs」
「One-Stop Service Supporting Domestic and Foreign Companies’ Expansion into Hyogo」
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