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Incentives:Support for companies to advance

Incentives based on Hyogo Industrial Accumulation Ordinance

Rent of public and private offices in the center of Kobe is to be subsidized up to 50% maximum.
Based on the "Industrial Accumulation Ordinance", New Industrial Creation Area, International Economic Zone, Industrial Accumulation Promotion Area, Industrial Revitalization Area, Structural Reform Specific Area are designated in Hyogo Prefecture.
Those firms going to advance in these areas can enjoy various incentives such as tax mitigation, subsidy provision for new employment and low interest rate loan.
Among others, in the International Economic Zone centering in Kobe city, foreign and foreign-affiliated firms will be supported up to 50% of the rent.
Since it is applied also to private offices as well as public spaces, the advance to the convenient center of the city will be very advantageous.

Inquiry window

Hyogo Prefecture, Department of Industry and Labor, Company's Location Section
[Tel] +81-78-362-4154 [fax] +81-78-362-4273
International Economic Zone designated by "Revitalization of Economy and Employment based on Industrial Accumulation Ordinance"

Designated Zones

As of May 1st.2014

New Business Development Zone

・Kobe Port Island (Kobe City)
・Hyogo Media Garden City (Miki City)
・Harima Science Garden City (Tatsuno City, Kamigori-cho, Sayo-cho)
・Amagasaki Area (Amagasaki City)

International Economic Zone

[General Type]
・Port Island 2nd Stage (Kobe City)
・HAT Kobe (Kobe City)
・Minami Ashiyahama Area (Ashiya City)
・Tsuna Shizuki Area (Awaji City)
・Harima Science Garden City (Tatsuno City,Kamigori-cho, Sa yocho)
[Office Opening Type]
・Sannomiya Area (Kobe City)
・Rokko Island Area (Kobe City)
・Port Island 1st Stage (Kobe City)

Business Establishment Incentive Zone

・Kobe Techno-Logistic Park (Kobe City)
・Kobe Science Park (Kobe City)
・Hokusetsu Sanda Techno Park (Sanda City)
・Hokusetsu-Sanda 2nd Techno Park(Sanda City)
・New Sanda Industrial Park (Sanda City)
・Takasago Industrial Park (Takasago City)
・Kasai Minami Industrial Park (Kasai City)
・Kasai Higashi Industrial Park (Kasai City)
・Hyogo Tojo Newtown Inter park (Kato City)
・Takino Industrial Park (Kato City)
・Yumesaki Industrial Park (Himeji City)
・Harima Science Garden City (Tatsuno City,Kamigori-cho,Sayo-cho)
・Toyooka Core Industrial Park (Toyooka City)
・Mikata Tobu Industrial Park (Toyooka City)
・Toyooka City Izushi Nakagawa (Toyooka City)
・Wadayama Yayoigaoka (Asago City)
・Wadayama Industrial Park (Asago City)
・Santo Industrial Park(Asago City)
・Ikuno Industrial Park(Asago City)
・Yabu City Oyabu (Yabu City)
・Yabu City Nanbu Area (Yabu City)
・Shin-onsen-cho Fukutomi (Shin-onsen-cho)
・Hikami Industrial Park (Tanba City)
・Itchijima-cho Shimodonmasa (Tanba City)
・Aogaki Industrial Park (Tanba City)
・Sannan Industrial Park (Tanba City)
・Kasuga-cho Nanukaichi Area( Tanba City)
・Tsuna Sano Area (Awaji City)
・Tsuna Ikuho Area (Awaji City)
・Tsuna Shizuki Area (Awaji City)
・Yumebutai Uzaki (Awaji City)
・Minami Awaji City Industrial Park (Minami Awaji City)
・Sasayama Tobu Industrial Park(Sasayama City)
・Sasayama Chuo Industrial Park(Sasayama City)
・Sasayama City Inukai Hatsuda(Sasayama City)
・Taka-cho Tada Area( Taka-cho)
・Taka-cho Ichihara Area(Taka-cho)
・Amagasaki Phoenix Area(Amagasaki City)
・Goshiki-cho Torikai-ura Area(Sumoto City)
・Goshiki-cho Aihara Area(Sumoto City)
・Nishiwaki Kamihie Industrial Park(Nishiwaki City)
・Kamikawa-cho Awagamachi Hieda (Kamikawa-cho)
・Kamikawa-cho Yoshitomi Sainokugo (Kamikawa-cho)
・Ako Iso Industrial Park (Ako City)
・Ono Kiyotani-Minami Industrial Park (Ono City)

Industrial Revitalization Zone

・Hyogo-ku Nanbu Industrial Revitalization Area (Kobe City)
・Amagasaki Industrial Revitalization Area (Amagasaki City)
・Himeji Coastal Industrial Revitalization Area (Himeji City)
・Futami Coastal Industrial Revitalization Area (Akashi City, Harima-cho)
・Takasago Coastal Industrial Revitalization Area (Takasago City)
・Taishi Coastal Industrial Revitalization Area (Taishi-cho)
・Ako Coastal Industrial Revitalization Area (Ako City)

・Kasai-Tokonabe Industrial Revitalization Area(Kasai City)

Structure Reform Zone

・Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster Area (Kobe City)
・Kobe International Port Economic Area (Kobe City)
・Environment and Recycle Economic Area (Himiji City)
・Sumoto City IT Venture Incubation Area (Sumoto City)
・Kita Tajima Green Tourism Area (Toyooka City,Kami-cho,Shin-onsen-cho)
・Harima Science Garden City (Tatsuno City,Kamigori-cho,Sayo-cho)
・Takasago Industrial Park (Takasago City)
・Kasai Minami・Higashi Industrial Park (Kasai City)
・Natural Industry Special Area (Awaji City)
・Hanshin Minami International Economic Area
・(Amagasaki City, Nishinomiya City, Ashiya City)

Intensive Urban Redevelopment Area

・Areas around Sannomiya Station (Kobe City)

Economic and Preferential Incentives for Building in Hyogo-Kobe

As of April 1st.2014
・Outline of Incentive programs for Attracting Businesses under the ”Ordinance Concerning Invigoration of Economy and Employment through Attraction of Businesses”

Support loan of Hyogo Prefecture for advancing to the industrial complex

The fund for the advance to the industrial complex, up to 500 million yen is prepared at low interest.

For the companies going to advance to the industrial complex designated by Hyogo prefecture, the low interest loan is prepared for the acquisition or lease of land. inquiry window / Hyogo Prefecture, Department of Industry and Labor, New Industry Location Section
[Tel] +81-78-362-4154 [fax] +81-78-362-4273


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