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Q1 Have you already advanced into Japan?
Ans1 1 Yes
2 No
3 No but researching to advance
   In case replied 3, where is an area considered as an advance area? (Multiple answers allowed)
Ans1-2 1 Tokyo
2 Nagoya
3 Osaka
4 Kobe
5 Fukuoka
6 Undecided
7 Others
Q2 Type of business form in Japan? (Including your idea)
Ans2 1 Representative office
2 Branch office
3 Subsidiary company
4 Undecided
Q3 On the occasion of an advance in Japan, what is the condition given priority to?
Ans3 1 Incentives
2 Access
3 The preparation (BCP measures) to emergency such as disasters
4 Securing of employment(employee)
5 Living environment
6 Others
Q4 If there is a question, on the occasion of an advance in Japan,please fill it out.
【 Input information of the person 】  *required
Company/Organization Name*
Industry or Field*
Name of incharge*
Phone number*