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     地区名          区域            面積
  姫路国際経済地区  姫路市駅前町等の一部  約528.3ha
  姫路国際経済地区  姫路市広畑区の一部   約 47.6ha
  姫路国際経済地区  姫路市網干区の一部   約 31.6ha

 1 兵庫県
 2 姫路市


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 支援項目          インセンティブの内容
市場調査等に  〇補助対象経費:県内進出に向けたF/S調査経費等
要する経費    〇補 助 率:対象経費の1/2(上限100万円)
本社設立等に  〇補助対象経費:法人登記、在留資格取得に係る委託料等
要する経費    〇補 助 率:対象経費の1/2(上限20万円)

■Best Access to Success and doing business~Promotional Investment Seminar from overseas countries to Hyogo-Kobe
In order to invite foreign-affiliated companies in the Kantoh District,the promotion seminar is held on Friday, October 30, 2015, where we show you the superior working and living environment of the Hyogo-Kobe area as well as the various ways to support your business. We also organize informative presentation featured by the officer of company in the Hyogo-Kobe area.
A reception party will follow the seminar session, where we will provide an opportunity to forge good business-networking.

Date and Venue
October 30 (Fri), 2015 16:30 - 19:00
JETRO 5th floor Conference Room Ark Mori Building, 5F 12-32,
Akasaka 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

City of Kobe,JETRO Kobe,Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation,
The Hyogo Economic Development Center,Hyogo Prefecture
The Foundation for International Trade and Industrial Cooperation

Part1 Seminar (Simultaneous Interpretation Japanese / English)
1) Kobe Enterprise Promotion Bureau
New Corporate Development Department
Director General,
Mr. Yoshihiro Hayashi
2-1) Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co.,Ltd.
Executive Officer Director,Head of Regenerative & Cellular Medicine office
Toru Kimura,Ph.D.
2-2)Eli Lilly Japan K.K.
Operating Officer,Senior Director,Science & Regulatory Affairs
Akikazu Yoshikawa,Ph.D.
3) Q & A Session
Part 2: Reception (Light refreshments will be provided.)

Business Development Division, City of Kobe 
TEL:078-322-6216 FAX:078-322-6072

Foreign Investment Promotion Seminar2015

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